The news of Hürriyet Gazette dated May 21, 2015
Built by Güzel Group in Fenerbahçe, one of the most favorite districts in the Anatolian Side, Güzel Residence is offered to investors for sale with special prices.

The project design is made on Bağdat Street, chosen to be the fourth best shopping avenue worldwide, where the heart of Istanbul beats and construction for Güzel Residence with ‘very special’ features has begun.

“We have realized the system that will support any needs and demands in the project. We have realized many projects over longer than 30 years on the avenue and its vicinity. Güzel Residence will come to life as the most important project of both the avenue and of ours. It has the latest technology smart home systems, 24 hours security, fitness hall, meeting room and indoor parking area. It also has a botanic garden free from cars, where the residents can take a fresh breath and the kids can play freely. With this purpose in mind, we are realizing a project that provides high level service, living standards, comfort and investment value” said Gürkan Güzel, Deputy Chairman of Board of Directors of Güzel Group, mentioning that the apartments in the project have been designed in accordance with real residence criteria.


Güzel continued: “There are highly valuable buildings that have been waiting for years to be renewed on Bağdat Street. We have been concentrating our contracting business on the avenue for years. We have realized many projects. For us, the most special project has been Güzel Residence as “The Most Beautiful in the Avenue”. We have obtained the license for our prestigious project. We are going to build the foundation two weeks later and we’ll deliver the project in maximum 14 months. A project that we will realize as the most ‘Beautiful’ [in Turkish, ‘Güzel’, which is also the name of the company] in the avenue, it has been a project that we have always dreamed of. It has a special location with its green areas and social utilities on the avenue, which is considered as one of the most valuable locations in the city. The project comprises of two blocks that have about a thousand and 700 meter square green areas and 10 thousand meter square construction”, highlighting the fact that the housing area for the two residences covers just a quarter of the land.


“We have been making construction in the area for years. We are an experienced and reliable company in this regard. We do not accept every project offered to us and instead we are picky in the projects we undertake. Güzel Residence is a project like that” said Güzel, mentioning that Bağdat Street is a very important location for investment.

In addition to responding to customer expectations in full and in timely manner each and every time, Güzel Group keeps the bar high with aesthetic and functional projects that respect the environment. Total Quality Management is adopted as the fundamental philosophy of our Group.

Knowledge and accumulation of 35 years, strong collaborations in the industry, qualified human resources and passion for innovation will move us forward to our goal. Our goal is to be among the construction companies that are the most preferred not only in Kadıköy but also in Turkey and to undersign big projects.

Accumulation and success of 35 years...

We founded Güzel İnşaat in 1982. So far we have undersigned various successful projects and become one of the recognized and reliable companies in the industry…

All that has been possible with our fellows and customers. We did a good job, our fellows and customers considered it valuable and were happy with it. As we did good works and received acclaim for doing so, we tried to do even better…

Today in Güzel İnşaat, the second generation is at work too. Since 2011, not only the vision of Süleyman Güzel but also the knowledge and energy of his sons Gürkan and Gürhan Güzel have contributed to the business as well. And our name is now GÜZEL GROUP with our growing business!

We have come a long way in 35 years. We are no longer a small local construction company, but a company that offers services up to world standards with our trained, experienced and established team who seeks innovation all the time as well as with an institutionalized infrastructure. We can say that with confidence because every project we build meets distinguished buyers.

Customer experience is always our guide…

Our claim in Güzel Group is “customer oriented production”.

The experience of customers who prefer the buildings that we construct and who are happy with the result become the key and the guide for our next project. This is because we consider customer feedback to be important. We consider our customer as our “innovation manager” to do better.

In Güzel Group, we do not carry out active marketing. We say “What we have done is the assurance of what we are going to do” and we almost practice a “reputation management”. A bad business would damage our business reputation. Güzel Group cannot produce a bad result and cannot offer such an experience to its customer.

Quality is our corporate commitment…

“Quality” is our promise as an organization in turn-key construction applications such as villas, housings, sites, hospitals, shopping malls and business centers!

Güzel Group not only meets the expectations of its customers in full and in timely manner each and every time but also keeps the bar at the top with aesthetic and functional projects that respect the environment. In our group, Total Quality Management is adopted as our fundamental philosophy.

35 years of knowledge and accumulation, strong collaborations in the industry, qualified human resources and passion for innovation will move us forward towards our goal. Our goal is to be among the construction companies that are the most preferred not only in Kadıköy but also in Turkey and to undersign big projects.

Smart Home

We are living at a time when the internet is an inseparable part of our life. Now the furniture in our homes will be able to access the internet and deal with an issue we are having on our behalf, for our happiness without needing us or our attention at the screen. The name of the new world approach which can roughly be described as above is the internet of things.

You are at work the entire day. The kids are at school. There is no need to heat the house. Your home knows the hours when your kids or you come home so it starts heating half an hour ago before you come home. Your fridge contains the packaged products that you regularly consume such as milk and fruit juice. Whenever it notices that only one item remains from any of those, it calls the market without even interrupting you and places the weekly purchase order.

You don’t need to enter all those beforehand or to program them either. You can fill the feed bowl of your dog, open your shutters or reset your alarm just by sending a message on your mobile remotely, be it from your workplace or during vacation. There are many applications such as these that slowly begin to enter our lives in modern houses. These are not inaccessible at all. However, new technologies are quite expensive at the beginning. Research and development costs are usually paid by the initial buyers. We also introduce these technologies in our constructions of the Güzel Residence brand pursuant to demands of our customers. Over time, as the costs decrease, these smart homes which currently we only see in sci-fi movies will eventually become indispensable for us as well.

Customer Satisfaction

Other than our construction team, we also have a quality department. It researches the best for our customer. However, no one works in our “product development department”. That position is held by our content customers.

As our customers have put their faith in us since 1982, we always did better in the next project. We promised and we supported that promise. We fulfilled our commitment and made people happy. We undersigned many successful projects so far and became one of the recognized and reliable companies in the industry. All this happened thanks to our customers who are now our fellows.

It is because the summary of our approach is this: Our manager who is in charge of product development is the customer itself. The customer’s requests and search drive us to do better works and allow us to develop the product. Product quality is always number one. What about our service? It wouldn’t be appropriate for us to tell it ourselves. You should talk to our happy customers. Today the second generation is at work in Güzel İnşaat. Since 2011, not only the vision of Süleyman Güzel but also the knowledge and energy of his sons Gürkan and Gürhan Güzel contribute to the business. And in the new generation world, it is known that the promises made and customer satisfaction apply, not good quality products and sale abilities.

Healthy Life

The increasing crowd and traffic of the metropoles, new conditions of competition and intense working tempo of the business world have made giving prior focus on individuals’ health and peace the new living concept of today

The cost of leading a good life is unfortunately working extensively for many of us. However, people have no time to live when they have to work hard for the good quality life they deserve. The time they have for enjoying life, taking part in pleasing activities and doing sports for a healthy life is reduced.

For this reason, there is a new option that large companies offer to their employees on a gradually increasing basis in the new living concept: working from home. This is surely possible as internet access is also improving. Home office has now become a part of homes. Being able to work at home one or two days a week is really a huge privilege. Hence today an office room and environment is built in homes.

It is possible to do sports and take part in pleasing activities in the time saved from traffic. The sports and walking areas located inside or near the complex where you live become the most important criteria for the real estate of your choice. In the projects of Güzel, location focuses primarily on a healthy life.

Harmonious Belonging

Don’t you want to have, in the area where you live, neighbors who speak the same language with you, adopt the same life style with you and enjoy similar activities with you? The new definition for “you don’t buy a house, you buy neighbors” is “harmonious belonging”.

Beyond the rising walls, a life that is isolated from the society… cannot be what we dream of. But a diligently designed security, healthy and green environment and neighbors that you can relate to may turn your residence into a paradise

In the new life concept, gathering people who share similar life styles together and living like a community is very relevant today.

Living and activity areas where common interests meet in a separate building, activity halls and green areas where children may grow safely and well, swimming pools for a healthy life and other sports amenities allow formation of such communities in gardens, roofs or in the “club house” concept.

The harmony that you will have with neighbors with whom you share the unity of such an environment and amenities will create a strong sense of belonging and you will want to come home soon.


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Our word is our commitment!
Our word is our commitment!

Güzel Construction keeps its promise and delivers the property you have purchased on time.
Always the best quality materials!
Always the best quality materials!

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Workmanship that focuses on details!

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